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FTS provides smoke extraction & ventilation services to the building industry across South Africa and it is our goal to be the first point of contact when the requirement arises. We are able to offer our clients systems that comply with the relevant parts of EN12101, as required by SANS 10400.

We have the ability, knowledge and experience to design, install and maintain smoke & ventilation systems to meet our client’s requirements. The specialized products and services, enable end user clients to enjoy a healthier, safer and cost-effective internal built environment.

Our mission is to improve the ‘smoke extraction & ventilation’ industry by offering a superior service to what is the current industry standard. More focus is placed on delivering projects more efficiently and with an improved quality of installation.

Project Management

Our focus has always been on project management and delivering on promises made. Our team of experienced Project Managers oversee every step of the project, from kickoff meeting to approval drawing & submissions, the installation and then snagging before finally overseeing the commissioning.


We have experienced teams of installers & technicians in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape currently, who are on hand to install and maintain our systems in accordance with the designed specifications and layout. Emphasis is placed on safety for our teams and quality of workmanship for our clients.

Systems That We Offer

  • Mechanical extraction systems for smoke and day-to-day ventilation
  • EN12101-2 certified roof smoke ventilators
  • Window automation systems for smoke ventilation, makeup air and day-to-day ventilation
  • Fixed and automated smoke / fire Curtains
  • Basement extraction and ventilation systems
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring systems (enclosed parking basements)
  • Fixed louvre ventilation systems
  • Motorized ventilator systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Servicing and maintenance

Reasons For Doing What We Do

The National Buildings Regulations and Buildings Standards Act requires that all safety equipment be maintained and records kept of such maintenance. FTS therefore upholds a high standard in its supply and installation of fire safety systems, to not only protect the building and occupants, but also to justify the superior quality of products and service as a sound investment. The time where regular maintenance was regarded as an unnecessary additional expense, or even as a luxury, no longer applies because substandard maintenance practices are simply not an option.

The fire safety systems provide a fundamental element of fire strategy preventive maintenance. It is essential that measures are taken to ensure the continued reliability of these systems, in the event of a fire. By entering into a preventive maintenance agreement, you are fulfilling your obligation under SANS 10400: Part T and SANS 10139 Building Standards, and acknowledge the responsibility to ensure that all requisite systems function as intended.

Under the SANS 10400: Part T Building Standards legislation service and preventive maintenance is the responsibility of the property management company or the landlord. All fire safety equipment must be maintained to ensure optimal working order. In the event of property damage or the health/life of occupants in a building being compromised due to fire, maintenance records may be called upon for both legal and insurance purposes. Regular preventive maintenance can extend the lifespan of these essential safety systems. Regular planned preventive maintenance also ensures that any defects are identified and repaired / replaced before a critical situation arises.


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